Q. How can I know if I need a new mattress?

Mattresses are the most utilized piece of furniture you own. In fact, if you sleep for eight hours a night, in one year you will spend 3000 hours on your mattress. After ten years, you would have used your mattress for over 30,000 hours. Listed below are a few hints that indicate it’s time to start thinking about renewing your mattress.

1. You bought your current mattress eight to ten years ago.The average life span of a quality mattress is eight to ten years. Mattresses older than that suffer from deteriorating comfort features and diminished support capabilities.

2. You wake up feeling more tired than when you went to sleep.

Most consumers wait too long to replace their mattresses. If you don’t wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated—or if you feel any pain or discomfort— you have definitely waited too long.

3. The couch feels more comfortable than your bed.

Concentrate on the feel of your mattress. Do you feel coils or bumps? Your body needs a smooth, comfortable sleep surface to get a regenerative night’s sleep. Your mattress should enable you to sleep through the night with minimal tossing and turning.

4. Your mattress looks worn and uneven.

Inspect your mattress regularly for sags and imprints. If your mattress appears uneven or worn and frayed, maybe it’s time to start shopping. The upholstery layers in all mattresses compress over time. For optimal performance, be sure to rotate your mattress occasionally to extend its durability and renew its comfort. If you “inherited” your mattress from a family member or friend, chances are you need to replace it now.

5. You have taken your mattress for granted.

Mattresses are the most used yet most ignored piece of furniture in the house. Pay attention to your mattress. Do you hear creaks and groans? Do you notice the surface sags or indents in certain areas and not in others? The condition of your mattress may come as a surprise, once you take a close look.

Q. How much should I spend on a new sleep set?

Mattress prices range greatly, from about Rs.4000 to over Rs.30000 for a pair. A good night’s sleep is one of the best investments you can make, so buy the best mattress you can afford. Keep in mind that most of us spend as much as one-third of our time in bed. Your investment will cost just pennies per night over the next ten years! In fact, a Rs.7195 Coirfoam Durabond’s mattress costs Rs. 1.8 per night (based on a eleven-year life).

Q. How do I shop for a mattress?

Focus on finding a sleep set that satisfies your comfort preference first, then your quality preference. To do so, always shop wearing comfortable clothes and shoes that can easily be removed for lying down. Take your time and don’t be shy. You can’t judge support and comfort by sitting on an edge or lying down for just a few seconds. Lie on the bed the way that you sleep, and if you sleep with a partner, try shopping with them so you can decide together. Shop at a store that you know and trust, and that offers services you desire. Read as much information about the sleep set as is available. Remember, buy the best bed that you can afford. You can always find “bargain bedding,” but it’s no bargain if you can’t get a good night’s sleep!

Q. How can I compare my old sleep set to sleep sets available today?

It is not recommended to compare your old sleep set to sleep sets available today. The design and manufacturing of bedding has changed dramatically— even over the last few years! The manufacturing processes are more carefully designed and tested, the product testing and quality management systems have taken a leap, the innerspring technology has improved, new “comfort” upholstery materials have been developed, and comfort choices have been expanded to give consumers a greater selection!

Q. What should I do to prolong the life of my Corfom mattress?

The following suggestions will help prolong the life of your mattress: Using a mattress pad or protective cover will help avoid stains, which are not covered by the warranty. Rotate your mattress to promote even wear. To eliminate bends in the border wiring that surrounds the mattress, avoid sitting or standing on the edge of your mattress or box spring. Warranty does not cover bent border wiring. The mattress size should be according to bed size and should fit inside the bidding, if any.

Q. Will I get body impressions in my mattress?

What can I do about them? In today’s plusher mattresses, state-of-the-art foams and fibers conform to the shape of your body to relieve pressure points and provide a more restful night’s sleep. If you sleep in the same spot night after night, the fibers and foams will naturally conform to the shape of your body. You can reduce this by occasionally rotating your mattress from end-to-end or top-to-bottom.

Q. Why does my mattress sag?

Several factors can cause mattress sagging, including an improper bed frame, improper center support, a damaged or bent frame or a damaged/broken box spring. Using a proper bed frame with proper center support and taking proper care of your box spring will greatly reduce the chances of mattress sagging. Please refer to the Corfom warranty brochure for further information.

Q. Does a mattress have to be firm to be supportive?

In today’s modern mattresses, the support comes from the inner layering of the mattress. The comfort layers determine the surface “feel.” Every Corfom mattress features an advanced and durable support system designed to deliver proper spinal support. That means you can choose the mattress that feels the best to you, and you will receive the support you need.

Q. How long should a mattress last?

A mattress is designed to perform for the length of its warranty. However, you should compare your current mattress and foundation to newer models every few years, as bodies and sleep habits change. Other circumstances may lead to a need for a new mattress, such as a child outgrowing his or her current sleep set or your desire to upgrade your mattress.

Q. How do I know when I need to buy a new mattress?

You wake up with aches and pains You sleep better on other beds (such as in a hotel) Your mattress shows visible signs of overuse (it sags, has lumps, the interior is exposed, etc.) You and your partner roll into each other on your current mattress Mattress edges aren’t supportive anymore Mattress and box spring make noise when you move around Your current mattress is more than 7–10 years old .

Q. Does my sleep position matter when selecting a new mattress?

Yes, sleep position matters in terms of which pressure points are affected during sleep, as well as how the spine is supported. Because each individual sleeper is different, the only way to determine which mattress and comfort level works best for your sleep position is to test out the different mattresses in the store. It helps to talk to the salesperson about what options are available so they can make recommendations based on your personal needs.

Q. Is it really important to not remove the “Do not remove” tag?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not illegal to remove this tag, but the information on the label will serve as a means of identification should you have a warranty claim.

Q. How do I compare today`s sleep sets?

The best way to really know what you’re buying is to experience a top-quality mattress by lying on it. Determine the comfort you prefer, then compare your comfort preference in three qualities—top-of-the-line, mid-range and lower range, and understand the differences. This comparison helps you make an informed decision. If you like the comfort and price you can make your purchase at the store. Know the type of sleep set and its significant features, such as the type of innerspring unit, key comfort layers, type of edge support and significant features of the box spring.

Q. What type of mattress should I buy for my child?

The ideal mattress we recommend for children in “Intense”. This mattress has unique qualities like allergy safe, anti- bacterial, dust mite proof and odour free. This mattress consists of a orthopedically designed rubberized coir mattress topped with memory foam which makes it ideal for back support as well as having proper cushioning which will make it perfectly apt for your child. This mattress has a covering of high quality knitted cloth which is specially designed for children giving unmatched comfort and coziness.

Q. Can my children use my old mattress?

Children should have a comfortable, supportive mattress to get the deep restorative sleep their bodies need to grow. If your old sleep set was uncomfortable and lacked support, then it probably won’t help your kids get a good night’s sleep either.

Q. Why are there so many different quilting designs?

The quilting design on a Corfom mattress cover helps determine the firmness or plushness of the sleep surface. If a quilting design is small and close, the bed will tend to feel firmer; if the design is large and spread out, the bed will usually feel more plush. Remember, when you purchase a Corfom mattress, you get the correct support you need, regardless of comfort level or price.

Mattress Sizing and Height

Q. Why are some of today`s beds so thick? My sheets don`t fit!

Today’s mattresses are manufactured with much more upholstery padding and comfort layers than in days gone by! Many consumers prefer the plush and ultra-plush comfort that these thick mattresses provide. You can find deep-pocketed sheets in most retail stores today, or look for Corfom sheets with the exclusive border that can fit any mattress up to 21 inches deep.

Q. Traditional-size mattresses are not big enough for me. Does Corfom make non-traditional?

Yes! Corfom realizes people come in all different sizes. Contact your local retailer for the any non-traditional mattress size.

Mattress Care

Q. What kind of support/frame is necessary for bedding today?

Use a sturdy bed frame! If your mattress is a queen or king set, make sure that your frame has the extra center support needed to prevent bowing and sagging. This is required to ensure complete warranty protection for your sleep set.

Q. How do I carry or move my mattress?

Two people should normally carry your Corfom mattress flat on its side. It’s easier to handle and less likely to get damaged. Don’t bend your mattress under any circumstances.* Bending may damage the unit. Flex rather than bend the mattress when going through doorways, and don’t bend the corners when putting on fitted sheets.

Q. How and why do I rotate my bedding? How do I avoid body impressions in my mattress? How do I maintain consistent comfort and feel throughout the life of my bedding?

We recommend that you rotate your Corfom mattress on a regular basis to refresh its comfort. Mattresses contain many layers of upholstery padding to increase their comfort life and support performance. Body indentations can be a normal occurrence in new mattresses, and indicate that the upholstery layers are conforming to a person’s individual body contours. To help minimize body impressions, mattresses should be turned occasionally throughout their life. For convenience, we have illustrated below the best method

Q. How do I care for my mattress?

Keep your Corfom mattress clean. We suggest using a mattress pad. Don`t allow your mattress to get wet. Protect it from water or other liquids. Don’t use dry cleaning fluid of any type on your mattress. These chemicals could damage some of the comfort and upholstery materials.

Q. How do I clean my mattress?

Keeping your Corfom bedding clean is simple with the use of a protective mattress pad. Vacuuming is the only recommended cleaning method. Don’t ever soak a mattress or foundation, and don`t use dry cleaning fluid of any type on your mattress—these chemicals could damage some of the comfort and upholstery materials.